After surviving a suicide attempt in May 2015. I’m now attempting to cycle around the world on a global campaign to raise awareness of mental health and suicide prevention. 

My journey will take me to over 80 countries on 6 different continents. Pedalling over 50,000 miles through Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America and finally North America before returning to Scotland. 

After an intense battle with depression in 2015 I lost all hope and felt I couldn’t go on living any longer. I attempted to kill myself by driving my car into a concrete barrier at over 80mph. 

Miraculously, I walked away from this attempt with no physical injuries whatsoever. I knew I’d been kept alive for a reason and that I had to do something big with my 2nd chance at life. 

I believe I was kept alive to tell my story and to provide hope to others who also suffer with mental health issues or feel suicidal. 

By going around the world, I hope to find the meaning of life and achieve happiness within myself. 

This is my personal and spiritual journey to overcoming depression and finding true inner happiness. 

I left Scotland on May 26th 2016. The 1 year anniversary of my failed suicide attempt, as a symbol of hope for all those who feel suicidal or have battled with mental health issues. 

A symbol that any life can be transformed, any life can be brought back from the brink to follow your dreams and find inner happiness. 

I wasn’t a cyclist before this, but it is the scale of my challenge that I hope will inspire others. 

Through openly and honestly sharing my journey, I hope to educate and help others who feel suicidal and provide hope that after darkness comes light. 


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