Finally Leaving Norway

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So today I will be finally leaving Norway
There have been a few times when I just kept thinking to myself
“I can’t wait to get out of Norway”
But now the day has finally came, I’m feeling a bit different.
I’m really excited to be entering Finland, and looking forward to exploring a new country.
But a little part of me is sad to be leaving Norway.
These last 2 months in Norway has been the greatest experience of my life.
Norway I’ll start by saying that you are one beautiful country. The fjords, the views and the scenery are like I’ve never seen before.
But boy were you tough, you almost broke me on more than once occasion.
There were a few times were I was freezing cold, wet, cycling into the wind when I said to myself
“I hate Norway, why is is so wet and cold”
But you know I didn’t mean it, that was just crabbit me speaking
Originally I was only meant to be cycling to Oslo and then heading to Stockholm.
But then I thought that wouldn’t really let me see much of Norway, so I looked for the highest point and learned about Nordkapp and decided to cycle the whole length of the county and really explore Norway.
When I made that decision I don’t really think I truly understood the challenge that lay ahead.
But making the decision to tour the whole of Norway was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made.
I got to meet some of the best people ever and have such amazing fun exploring this amazing country.
Amazing conversations with Thomas in Stavern, being totally spoiled in Kristiansand with Lisa, Monica and Siv.
Hill walking in Bergen with Reidun and then amazing student parties in Trondheim with Paul, to wild nights in the kilt in Tromso with Tove and the girls.
Norway you have so many amazing people and it was absolute pleasure to meet so many of you.
You taught me a lot about the Norwegian way of life. To get outdoors and enjoy nature as much as possible. To spend time with friends and family and enjoy food and drink together.
I never had any negative experiences and everyone was very nice and hospitable to me.
I learned a lot about the way Norway runs their country. High tax and high spending, great public services, free university for all, not much of a class system with not much of a different between the rich and the poor.
I think everyone could learn a lot about the way Norway runs its country.
Personally Norway was such a roller coaster for me.
I had many a couple of meltdowns, a lot of low moments but also a lot of high moments.
I think when I look back on my life I’ll remember the summer in Norway as one of the defining moments of my life.
I’m a far greater person who left Norway than the boy who cycled in here from Sweden in late July.
I flew home adamant the cycle was over, realised I’d made a huge mistake and flew back. I gained my appreciation for travel again and learned just how much I love my cycling and this challenge that I’m taking on.
But more importantly I made a few big commitments to myself in the later stages of my Norway cycle which I think will serve to ensure happiness and prosperity for the rest of my life.
Norway all I can do now is thank you.
Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the people
Thanks for the lessons
And thank you for allowing me to explore your beautiful country.
There’s not many certainties in life, but I’ll give you one.
I’ll be back.
Until next time
After surviving a suicide attempt, my vision is to eradicate suicide from society
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