First Impressions of Finland

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I’m absolutely loving Finland so far, first impressions have been amazing but also quite funny
After crossing the border I cycled for around 4 hours before I came to an area with any people, houses or shops.
It’s mental how much the landscape and your environment changes once you cross a border even although you are not that far from the country you just left.
Finland is very flat and has lots of trees.
It’s just straight roads and trees either side most of the time with the occasional lake or river.
I’ve really been enjoying it though as the flat roads have been a joy to ride after some of the hills and climbs in Norway.
When I got to the first shop I was standing outside feeling absolutely freezing, whilst eating a half load of bread.
I couldn’t stop thinking about how cold it was and was wondering about how I would get on for another few weeks here with the winter fast approaching.
As I had this thought, I seen my first Finnish people.
A family walked out from the shop and what they were doing made me smile and start laughing at what I had just been thinking about.
They were all eating ice cream ice lollies
Where I’m from this definitely not ice cream weather lol
But I had to laugh and it took my mind off the cold for a few seconds and I got excited about being in a new country where the people seem a bit mental
There’s definitely a crazy Eastern European vibe to this part of Finland and I’m looking forward to exploring more.
Waking up this morning I was absolutely freezing, the temperature was at -1 during the night and was still this cold when I got up to start cycling at 7am.
I never slept well due to the cold and wasn’t in the most optimistic of moods as I got ready to get out the tent and ready to begin the day.
However, something really cool happened when I got out the tent
The sunrise over the lake was absolutely beautiful and for a moment I couldn’t even feel the cold. I was just immersed in the beauty of Finland and then the cold actually made it nicer.
I decided to keep my thermals on, which I usually just sleep in and started the day with a spring in my step.
The first hour of my cycle today was nothing short of magical.
The temperature is still around -1 and the whole place is covered with a blanket of frost.
But today for the first time I feel like I really got a proper feel for Scandinavia.
There’s a beauty about this place that I’ve now come to believe only comes alive when it is this cold.
It’s honestly out of this world.
As I cycled along, I felt truly blessed to be here in this part of the world at this time of the year rather than worrying about the cold.
Once wrapped up properly it’s so amazing to cycle through this part of the world and take in all of the winter magic.
My love for Scandinavia has grew even more and I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy Finland a lot more than I thought I would.
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