The Importance of a Morning Routine

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How I start my day is of critical importance to to my happiness and success throughout the day.
When I first woke up this morning I’m not going to lie I felt terrible. I’d had a really bad sleep, I was freezing cold most of the night and this kept me up tossing and turning.
When my 7am alarm finally went off I felt terrible and the thought of getting up and getting out into the bike was very hard to face.
But I knew that the first thing I done today was going to be so important to changing this feeling I had first thing.
In the past I would have probably just grabbed my phone and went on Facebook or Twitter or checked email or done something similar to that. This would have definitely made me feel worse and not given me the boost I needed to start the day.
I know that listening to music first thing in the morning and not checking any messages, email or social media is the the thing that makes me feel the greatest.
So I grabbed my phone, plugged in my earphones and chucked on Spotify with one of my Ibiza playlists.
Daft Punk – One more time, one of my favourite songs came on and within a few seconds I was already feeling fantastic and completely transformed from when I first woke up.
I kept the music on whilst eating breakfast and started to feel that good and excited for the day ahead that I even opened up the tent to let the winter sun shine in, even although it is pretty cold
I’m now feeling absolutely fantastic, ready to get up on the bike and take on the world for another day.
All because of one slight little tweak in my morning routine. If I had chosen to go on Facebook my morning would have been totally different and I’d probably still be lying here feeling shit.
Most of us start the day checking our phone. So my advice would be that for a week try every morning putting on your favourite music or listening to a favourite song when you wake up and see what impact it has on your day
You’d be surprised with the results
After surviving a suicide attempt, my vision is to eradicate suicide from society
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