I’ve Made a Huge Mistake with my Planning…

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I’ve made a huge mistake with my planning
Arrived in Andenes after cycling 400km from Bodo.
Got here thinking I would be getting to the boat across to Senja. Allowing me to arrive in Tromso late tomorrow if all went to plan.
It turns out the boat stops sailing at the end of August…
So I now have to go back on myself and do an extra 450km just to get to where I thought I would be tomorrow. The ultimate blow and such a tough thing to face mentally given all the hard work I’ve put in the last 3 days to get here.
Feeling really sorry for myself out in the cold, I thought there’s no way I’m dealing with that blow and then sitting in my tent freezing all night dealing with the reality of adding an extra 4 days and 450km to my cycle.
So I went and found a hotel and booked myself in and decided to just treat myself to a wee bit of luxury to soften the blow.
Basically spent like a a third of my entire monthly budget for food just tonight, but I don’t care I’m having my night in a hotel, going to eat lots of food and then get up tomorrow and start again and mentally prepare myself for the extra distance I’ll need to do.
It turns out that the Northern Lights are forecast for tonight and my room has an amazing view of them so it’s turned out to be a great day and I’ve managed to turn the negative into a positive
The girls in the hotel felt sorry for me and decided to upgrade my room to a double bed and with an amazing view.
Lying in my double bed star fishing it and just laughing at the days events
That’ll teach me in future to plan my routes a bit better
What an adventure, I wonder what tomorrow will bring….
After surviving a suicide attempt, my vision is to eradicate suicide from society
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