“That’s My Dad”

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One day when I have a family of my own this photo will be hanging on the wall in our home.
When my kids are old enough they’ll finally ask
“Who’s the boy in the photo?”
I’ll tell them that’s it’s their dad, and that photo is incredibly significant and symbolic for me and them as it was the turning point in my life.
It was the time I got my life back.
It was the time I secured my future
It was the time I finally found inner happiness.
It was the time that they ever had a chance of being born.
I’ll then tell them the story of The Tartan Explorer.
I’ll tell them of the dark times, the decision to go public with my story, the cycle around the world and the journey which I embarked on and how it was through this journey that I really found out who I was.
We’ll sit together and watch my old video blogs, they’ll see the first video where I told the world my story, they’ll hear my announcing I was cycling the world, they’ll see the low point of confession time, they’ll see me setting of from Deans on my bike, they’ll see me sitting by my tent announcing I’d finally found happiness and then they would see the video where I shaved of my beard and cut my hair to revel my true happy self.
Then, when my kids bring their friends to our house, they’ll bring them to this photo, proudly point it and say…
“That’s my dad”
After surviving a suicide attempt, my vision is to eradicate suicide from society
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